Re: Cap Connections


Yes, cap manufacturers use a special type of solder to solder aluminum end
foils together, and then usually use a 1 inch wide strip soldered on to the
joined foils and upward to the terminal.  Clamping is fine and use a
"Kearney" style lug connector (also called split bolt connector) to attach
the leads.



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>Hi All,
>         despite the imminent completion of my second mmc I would like a go
>At donign it the old fashioned way. I wondered what the prefered means of
>connection to the end of the foil on a rolled cap is.  As Al is impossible
>solder to and almost as hard to weld to I am a bit stumped.  Do I just
>it hard or what?   I have read of the  gary lau 'extended foil' design but
>cannot get wide enough foil for this.
>Perplexed In GB
>Nick Field