RE: Cap Connections

Hard clamping works just fine for me. I normally make flat-plate caps
you can check http://www.access1-dot-net/mycroft for how I did it there.
I am in the planning stages of a different rolled cap design - sort
of a MHBRC design :) (Multi Home Brew Rolled Cap)
One of the more common approaches is to use #8 or #10 hardware to bolt
a piece of flashing on - but that asssumes you used flashing to roll
the cap.
Michael Baumann
Coiler, Homebrewer, Nerd. mycroft-at-access1-dot-net

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> Hi All,
>          despite the imminent completion of my second mmc I would
> like a go
> At donign it the old fashioned way. I wondered what the prefered means of
> connection to the end of the foil on a rolled cap is.  As Al is
> impossible to
> solder to and almost as hard to weld to I am a bit stumped.  Do I
> just clamp
> it hard or what?   I have read of the  gary lau 'extended foil'
> design but
> cannot get wide enough foil for this.
> Perplexed In GB
> Nick Field