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Be sure to run parasitic chokes on your plate input to both tubes --- this
will help keep them cooler.



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>Check out the V500 tube coil on www.teslacoil-dot-com
>I planed to make the coil DC as well but was disappointed
>in practice. Here's what I found with the same power input
>and Fsec (356kHz)...
>4 to 5 20" thin spikes (as observed), big 60Hz hum, easy
>on tubes (~50% duty cycle). Mild, longer isn't always better.
>Full Wave Rectified DC:
>Best display, 8 to10 14" spikes with plasma bush at bottom.
>Lights up neon better than AC. Tubes get hotter. Scope
>with antenna shows 356kHz sine within 120Hz envelope.
>Filtered DC: 4"-5" plasma bush that screams on contact with grounded
>metal object, very few spikes, very hot, not any better at lightning
>neon as FWR DC (above). Not scary unless yelling at you, scope
>with antenna shows near perfect 356kHz sine
>Build for AC and "upgrade" to double duty cycle (with a full wave
>rectifier - I used silicon) or one of the pulse techniques pioneered
>by John Freau.
>Jeff Parisse
>Director, kVA Effects
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>> >I plan on using "shunt feed" (RF choke + DC blocking cap) for the 4-400
>> >plate tank coil/coil primary which will keep the primary at ground
>> >potential for DC (safer). This way, all HV at DC and low frequency AC
>> >be underneath a ground plane positioned  below the base of the coil,
>> >eliminating the possibility on an arc to HV DC or 60 Hz AC.
>> >As you have gathered by now, I will be using rectified/filtered DC on
>> >tube circuitry, as opposed to raw60 Hz AC which seems to be commonly
>> >done.