Re: Run a 120v variac on 240???

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Choad" <choad69-at-geocities-dot-com>
> Hi everyone,
>     I got to thinking again, shame on me, and thought what would
> happen if I ran my 120v 20A Powerstat on 240v. It's rated at 2500va
> so that would limit me to 240v -at- 10A. There is probably some reason
> that I can't think of right now why this can't be done. Right now
> ther is no advantage to running this way, but if I got more 10A or
> 20A variacs this would make it very easy to run higher currents at
> 240v.
> Thanks,
> Shaun


	Don't even think about doing that!  The "some reason" is that the
transformer core will saturate with an input voltage much above say
130.  It will then draw tremendous current, cause the lights to go dim,
give up all of its smoke to the room air, and then be just a hot, smelly
lump of dissapointment.