Re: Coil coating: (was Re: Fiat PVC, Fiat Lux)

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"There does seem to be a great difference in PVC (here at least).  I got
some thin wall 4" (high density) PVC for drain lines (for things like
garden soil drainage, not for building codes)  that worked poorly and
some 4" PVC that was designed to meet building codes (low density
plastic, relatively thick wall) that worked very well. "  

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 hello reinhard,bob,et.al
i am not sure where but its seems somewhere i heard that UK and maybe
Europe in general does not use PVC pipe for potable applications (and maybe
others) because of concerns about possible hazards resulting from water (ie
minerals,CL2,and such) leaching out  toxic plastizers in the pipe
............ PVC has a spec. grav. of 1.4 or so and  PE/PP are "lighter"
maybe that is why the better performance..... less loss from superior
material??........... if it floats in water it's not PVC!