Tesla coil bombed?

My friend here in Ft. Worth, Max, had a very interesting Tesla coil
experience yesterday.  While he was out running errands, his dog pushed open
the back door, which had accidentally been left unlocked, and wandered into
the house.  This set off the alarm system.  Within minutes the local police
arrived.  Seeing the back door open, they pulled their guns and entered the
house, expecting to find a burglar.  They found the living room walls and
ceiling wrapped in chicken wire, and a very suspicious pile of strange
equipment. They thought they had found a bomb lab, so before it was all
over, the fire marshall, along with two fire trucks showed up, a SWAT team
secured the area, a bomb squad searched the entire house top to bottom, and
the nervous neighbors were quite anxious when the fire marshall explained
that they were looking for bombs.  Fortunately, one of the bomb experts
recognized the Tesla coil capacitors and transformers for what they were,
and the excitement died down.  Max had to call the police department when he
got home, and found out that no bombs were found, the fire marshall found no
violations, and everything is now o.k.  Isn't it amazing what can happen
when someone unexpectedly finds one of these clandestine Tesla coil labs?  I
guess a lesson can be gleaned from this, though I'm not sure exactly what.
Poor Max has stuff like this happen to him all the time.

Bert Pool