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Check out the V500 tube coil on www.teslacoil-dot-com
I planed to make the coil DC as well but was disappointed
in practice. Here's what I found with the same power input
and Fsec (356kHz)...

4 to 5 20" thin spikes (as observed), big 60Hz hum, easy
on tubes (~50% duty cycle). Mild, longer isn't always better.

Full Wave Rectified DC:
Best display, 8 to10 14" spikes with plasma bush at bottom.
Lights up neon better than AC. Tubes get hotter. Scope
with antenna shows 356kHz sine within 120Hz envelope.

Filtered DC: 4"-5" plasma bush that screams on contact with grounded
metal object, very few spikes, very hot, not any better at lightning
neon as FWR DC (above). Not scary unless yelling at you, scope
with antenna shows near perfect 356kHz sine

Build for AC and "upgrade" to double duty cycle (with a full wave
rectifier - I used silicon) or one of the pulse techniques pioneered
by John Freau.

Jeff Parisse
Director, kVA Effects

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> >I plan on using "shunt feed" (RF choke + DC blocking cap) for the 4-400
> >plate tank coil/coil primary which will keep the primary at ground
> >potential for DC (safer). This way, all HV at DC and low frequency AC can
> >be underneath a ground plane positioned  below the base of the coil,
> >eliminating the possibility on an arc to HV DC or 60 Hz AC.
> >As you have gathered by now, I will be using rectified/filtered DC on the
> >tube circuitry, as opposed to raw60 Hz AC which seems to be commonly
> >done.