Re: 9kV coil systems

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High Kevin W.

  I have a 9 kV -at-60 mA coil setup which has been in service for  many years, 
and lately added a sync. gap to replace the old async. gap.

  The max spark has been 34".  It features a secondary of 4" PVC wound with 
#26 enamel for a length of 24".  The rotary is a 120 BPS sync. using 1/8" 
electrodes.  The cap. is a flat plate poly/foil rated 0.015 uF.  Primary 
about 24 turns of 1" brass strip.
  Along with all the other goodies such as filtering & switching.  Topped off 
with a John Freau 13" toroid.

 Hope this gives you an idea.

Kevin Eldredge
 just for comparision sake, for anyone that has 9kV transformers powering 
 coil, what kind of output are you getting?  what could be expected with 30, 
 or 90mA? >>