Re: M. I. T. Radiation Laboratory series

Tesla List wrote:
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> Hi All,
>     The M. I. T. Radiation Laboratory Series is available on CD at
> <http://www.artechhouse-dot-com>www.artechhouse-dot-com for $295.  The entire
series is
> on 2 CDs!  This includes Pulse Generators by Glasoe.  This is a good
source for
> ancient static and rotary spark gap information.  Maybe the price will
lower in
> the future??
> Barry

	That's a good buy for anyone interested in WW2 technology, as I am. 
Will probably buy it, even though I have the complete set of originals
by McGraw Hill.  As for Glascoe, you can find it at swap meets (along
with the rest of the Rad Lab series) for around $25 +/-.