Re: UK MMC bulk order

>Have you tried any of the other distributors for a better price ? I
>think I posted a list a while ago, I think it was for LCR - can't
>remember if these are the ones in RS
>incidentally I would not be in the least bit surprised if RS didn't
>have that many in stock! 

No - I thought I saw a message from someone else who had tried in vain.

>And the resistors look like the 10M metal glazed 2500V AC resistors RS 
>or Farnell have these for 11p (300+ next break at 3000+).

Does anyone have any definite findings either way for the need for
equalising resistors in an MMC? I seem to remember seeing a comment
that they were unlikely to help. <

I really want them for safety - I don't want to discover that a capacitor
is still charged when I touch it to see if its warm :)

have fun,

Alan Sharp