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> >Original Poster: Yuri Markov <wmondale-at-hotmail-dot-com>
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> >I finally got a nice clean 4-inch wide PVC pipe, and 22 gauge magnet wire to
> >wind. This new secondary will replace my insult to the hobby of Tesla
> >coiling, my 2-inch cardboard wrapping paper tube, 30-gauge wire seconday.
> >This time I'm going to get it right. Everything. But first I need to know
> >what everything is. So far I've sanded the pipe down to a fairly smooth, not
> >at all shiney surface. Should I continue sanding with fine paper until it is
> >really quite smooth? As smooth as it was before? Next, I know that I have to
> >coat the pipe with something before winding. What is this magical substance
> >that I should use? Will it go on nice and evenly, or will I have to re-sand
> >afterward? Next, I assume I wind the wire. (Yawn... I wish I had a lathe...)
> >Then am I meant to put another coat of the magical coil coating on top of
> >that? Sand? Does it matter if it's nice and shiny in the end? How do I make
> >sure I don't sand the enamel off the wire? Please help. Also, I am vaguely
> >aware that I should make the coil airtight with a plastic disk on each end.
> >Why is this necessary? What are the advantages of an airtight coil form?
> >And, last of all, can I attach these disks using hot glue, or is that a
> >no-no? I apologize if I've asked too many questions in one post. Answers to
> >some, or preferably all of these questions would be appreciated and
> >eternally helpful. Thank you.
> Yuri,

This is how our new 9.25" by 50" coil was built.
I sanded the form down to remove all the marks and writing then I gave
it two
coats of El cheepo varnish just to seal the form and fill any low spots.

The end caps are made of 1/4" MDF which are varnished and held in place
by machine screws(no hot glue, no epoxy)the screw heads are covered with

The first turn wire is held in place by a small plastic bolt, the bolt
through the coil form(works for me)and held in place with plenty of

As the coil was wound the form was given a thin coat of varnish so the
has something to bind to, after winding the hole coil had three more
of varnish just to keep every thing in place and to aford some
protection for 
the wire.

This is the big coil that was running at this years Teslathon in the UK
the 67" output(at the moment).

BTW it`s twin brother should be built soon(not by me)   ;-)

Cheers Mike Tucknott  
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