RE: Tube watts & volts

So, When the plate voltage is DC, what is the overall effect on the
oscillator, as opposed to AC on the plate?


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Grayson Dietrich,  Medina, OH
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Grayson I will answer your question in terms of "what
happens to coil behavior" the oscillator simply oscillates
at its tuned frequency when run on DC.
In one word, dramatic. The corona resembles a blue
gas flame and hisses. There is too much going on here
for one posting,
Pure DC tube coils seem to work best (large sparks) by using
 the grid or screen to pulse the coil. John Freau has done
excellent work in this area and has plenty of video
tapes to document his results. I sense ( not sure yet 
until I complete my experiments) this allows the coil
to ring up. Check with John F. for his excellent work.
BTW: Watch out for RF burns with a DC tube coil! 

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