Hi all,
I got a RIFA catalog at work and was just browsing through it looking for
the best caps to buy for my small tesla coil. I naturally went to the pulse
cap section and picked out the PHE428TR6120J found on page 186. They are
.12uF rated at 1000VAC. The max dU/dt rating is 800. I figure I can put 10
in series and get .012uf rated at10,000 VAC.
I was planning on using this with a 7500V -at- 30mA NST.

I also noticed these other capacitors listed as power capacitors. The info
is shown on page 206. These look ideal for TC use. They have a much higher
dU/dt rating than the pulse caps, can handle high currents and have a very
low loss rating. The problem is that they look very expensive although I do
not have a price list so I don't really know. I have never seen anyone
mention these on the list. Does anyone have any experience with these? Are
they as good as I think they look, or should I go with the pulse caps that I
mentioned earlier?

If anyone is interested their website is www.evox-rifa-dot-com.