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>Original Poster: Yuri Markov <wmondale-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
>I finally got a nice clean 4-inch wide PVC pipe, and 22 gauge magnet 
>wire to 
>wind. This new secondary will replace my insult to the hobby of Tesla 
>coiling, my 2-inch cardboard wrapping paper tube, 30-gauge wire 

Hey, MY first coil had a 2" cardboard form, and was wrapped with about 16
sections ofplastic-coated 22 gauge wire, with the ends just twisted
together. AND>>>>IT WORKED! 

>This time I'm going to get it right. Everything. But first I need to 
>what everything is. So far I've sanded the pipe down to a fairly 
>smooth, not 
>at all shiney surface. Should I continue sanding with fine paper until 
>it is 
>really quite smooth? As smooth as it was before? 

By no means! There is little reason to do the sanding besides cleaning
off the grime and lettering, and making a  good surface for the
polyurethane varnish to adhere to. But it is not neccesary, and any
benefits will be minimal.

Next, I know that I 
>have to 
>coat the pipe with something before winding.

You don't HAVE too, as once again, the benefits will be miniscule.

 What is this magical 
>that I should use?

Polyurethane Varnish.

 Will it go on nice and evenly, or will I have to 

If you pre-coat the pipe (unlike I did for my current coil, 33" -at- 12/60
in), then sanding it smooth again is advisable, unless the coat is very
even and smooth.

Next, I assume I wind the wire. (Yawn... I wish I had a 

Try rigging up something to hold the coil form, even if it isn't
motorized. It will make winding MUCH less of a hassle.

>Then am I meant to put another coat of the magical coil coating on top 

Polyurethane varnish, again. A few coats, and they don't have to be
perfectly smooth. Just try to keep air bubbles to a minimum.

 Sand? Does it matter if it's nice and shiny in the end? How do I 
>sure I don't sand the enamel off the wire? Please help. 

Sanding between coats is the way to go for a really nice-looking
secondary, but isn't seccesary. I didn't sand and my coil is a nice,
homogeneous, dark, dark red.

Also, I am 
>aware that I should make the coil airtight with a plastic disk on each 
>Why is this necessary? What are the advantages of an airtight coil 

The plastic end caps aren't to make the coil airtight, they are there to
prevent internal (within the form) arcing. They make mounting the
secondary easier, but aren't really neccesary until the arc length
reaches well above twice the length of the secondary.

>And, last of all, can I attach these disks using hot glue, or is that 

I see no reason why not, aside from that it may not hold well on PVC, and
epoxy will do much more nicely.

 I apologize if I've asked too many questions in one post. 
>Answers to 
>some, or preferably all of these questions would be appreciated and 
>eternally helpful. Thank you.
>-Yuri Markov
>Proud owner of a PVC pipe

Hey! No problem! Beginner questions give semi-above amature coilers like
me a chance to feel important ;)

With Silent Lightning in my hands,
-The Electrophile-
Grayson Dietrich,  Medina, OH
See my HV Haven (it does NOT do jusctice!)

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