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For enameled magnet wire the magical formulation is Dolph's AC-43C Synthetic
Varnish (air dry or light oven bake).



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Date: Sunday, July 04, 1999 1:41 PM
Subject: Fiat PVC, Fiat Lux

>Original Poster: Yuri Markov <wmondale-at-hotmail-dot-com>
>I finally got a nice clean 4-inch wide PVC pipe, and 22 gauge magnet wire
>wind. This new secondary will replace my insult to the hobby of Tesla
>coiling, my 2-inch cardboard wrapping paper tube, 30-gauge wire seconday.
>This time I'm going to get it right. Everything. But first I need to know
>what everything is. So far I've sanded the pipe down to a fairly smooth,
>at all shiney surface. Should I continue sanding with fine paper until it
>really quite smooth? As smooth as it was before? Next, I know that I have
>coat the pipe with something before winding. What is this magical substance
>that I should use? Will it go on nice and evenly, or will I have to re-sand
>afterward? Next, I assume I wind the wire. (Yawn... I wish I had a
>Then am I meant to put another coat of the magical coil coating on top of
>that? Sand? Does it matter if it's nice and shiny in the end? How do I make
>sure I don't sand the enamel off the wire? Please help. Also, I am vaguely
>aware that I should make the coil airtight with a plastic disk on each end.
>Why is this necessary? What are the advantages of an airtight coil form?
>And, last of all, can I attach these disks using hot glue, or is that a
>no-no? I apologize if I've asked too many questions in one post. Answers to
>some, or preferably all of these questions would be appreciated and
>eternally helpful. Thank you.
>-Yuri Markov
>Proud owner of a PVC pipe
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