Re: Autoformer? I hardly knew 'er! HA

Oudin is the spelling.

Scientific American, back in the old days when they actually gave instuction on
potentially harmful scientific experimente had an article on how to build
one. I
have seen it in the Internet and in a book (sadly, now out of print) called
Scientific American Book of Projects for the Amateur Scientist" ...

Federico Price

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> Chris,
> Variac and Powerstat are brand names for variable autotransformers (Like
> Band-Aid is for bandage).
> Odin(sp?) coils are connected like an autotransformer as you suggest.  Do a
> Web search for details. BTW-The primary and secondary need to resonate at
> the same frequency (If you want the coil to work that is).
> Regards,
> Brian D. Basura
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