UK MMC bulk order

Hi all

Could all those who want to go in together and get a bulk order of
caps and Resistors to build there MMC please get in contact with
Alan sharp with the number you want.

At the moment it looks like we will get them from RS with the following
spec:-47nF axial, 1500V, 1800 V/uS at 0.254 for 1000+
And the resistors look like the 10M metal glazed 2500V AC resistors RS 
or Farnell have these for 11p (300+ next break at 3000+).
We need to order at least 1000 caps to keep the cost down.

Alans mail address is:-AlanSharp-at-compuserve-dot-com

So far I think the following are interested.

Alan sharp(200 caps+resistors)
Mike Tucknott & Brian la page (200 caps+resistors)
Viv watts
Nick fields
Steve crawshaw 

Cheers mike Tucknott

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