Re: Caps in series

"Hi Tina,

I read your mail and think about ... the voltages divide evenly... If
put 2 capacitors 100 pF and 1 nF in series and proposed you have ideal
capacitors then the total voltage of esp. 10 kV divides to 1 V over the
1 nF
Capacitor and the rest (10 kV- 1 V) over the 100 pF Capacitor. Is that
you mean?



	Huh?  The capacitance ratio is 10:1, not 1000:1.  1 nF is 1000 pF. 
Think of it this way.  As current flows through the capacitors to charge
them, the same current flows through both.  Since the charge equals the
current times time, it will be the same for both capacitors and the
voltages will be inversely proportional to the capacitance, since Q=CV.