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>Max plate voltage is normally given in DC and for an 811A that is 
>However, it is possible to use self rectification with AC on the plate 
>obviously peak to peak would be the safe limit. 

Not sure what you mean by self rectification. Is that what happens when
ever a tube circuit such as this is run on AC?

But I wouldn't worry 
>if you exceed this somewhat (how much is somewhat? ..experiment until
>you destroy the tube). Plate current on an 811A is 175ma, thus they 
>are often
>put in parallel to handle more current.

Yes, I was thinking of using two for my first go at it.
>I have one coil that uses 3 X 811A at 1300v -at- 500ma that produces a 
>beautiful 8 to 10 inch corona. These are cheap, good triodes great for
>a first tube project or experimental work that can be abstracted to 
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