Re: Tesla's experiment - Technical names for medical coils


Well, the old Diathermy Machines had "outputs" for both primary coil and 
secondary coil of the Tesla Coil.

The "normal" Tesla Output (1" spark) was labeled "highest voltage".  If you 
hold a metal rod and draw off an arc, your whole arm will heat up.  My 
"small" machines at full power draw 6 amps, and believe me, your arm gets 
REALLY hot!!  These sparks when drawn directly to a finger will burn a nasty 
hole in it.  Don't try it at home, I've done it, it HURTS!

Now, Tesla Coil primary coils often lead DIRECTLY to metal electrodes that 
were firmly placed to the body at various locations to heat sections.  The 
frequency is VERY high, the spark gaps very close, and the heating of tissue 
VERY rapid.  If by chance one electrode becomes in loose contact with the 
skin, a VERY painful arc will form, burning a hole in the skin, and causing 
it to blister.

These outputs of the primary were also hooked to large spools of wire for 
induction heating, and to suspended plates and "autocondensation couches" 
for di-electric heating of the body.

These machines DID save lives at the turn of the century, but I wouldn't be 
surprised if many physicians were accidentally electrocuted by them, 
patients as well.
Many treatments were bi-polar, or having a patient connected to BOTH ends of 
the secondary -- which causes rather nasty muscle contractions, likely from 
low frequency oscillations superimposed maybe (?).

The sparks themselves were used little in the medical field as compared with 
just the primary coils.  And, like today, some of these coils were solenoids 
and others flat spirals.

I have to go for now, but will include a nice drawing of a popular Tesla 
Coil in which 6 different types of electricity were used in the medical 
field.  This gets interesting....most people only draw sparks (one output) 
from a Tesla Coil!
Dobry vecer,

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