Re: details!!

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: mark <moyson-at-tig-dot-com.au>
> Hello everyone!
> Ive been out of it with exams lately but now i have time to reconstruct a
> new transformer and i really need a web page or a text file which goes ito
> some depth with rewinding a transformer, but more importantly CALCULATIONS
> of the windings, fluxes, voltages, currents etc's!!
> thanks in advance,
> mark.

	Design calculations are extremely simple, given the geometry of the
core.  Look in any decent electrical engineering handbook.  For that
matter, look at the reference material in the Amidon web page



for material on calculating flux density from turns, frequency, and
voltage.  Most of their examples are for ferrite materials, which have a
relatively low saturation flux density (in the vicinity of 4000
gauss)./  Transformer steels can easily be used up to at least 15,000
gauss.  Calculations of flux density are easy, and if you have wire
tables you can easily calculate what the windings will look like with
different wire sizes.