Re: mmc calcs, K calcs and RSG electrodes

Hi Robin,

At 04:42 PM 7/2/99 +0930, you wrote:
>Hi all,
> Some more questions,
> Firstly to Terry F, I downloaded your html on MMC power calculations  -
>many thanks, a) How is K calculated?, b) your sample calculation shows
>two different values for the frequency, (10000, and 100000), did I miss
>something here as I thought they both related to the same value?

There are some programs that try to calculate K but in general if you
assume it is .15 you will be pretty close for coils like we build today.
Normally it is a measured value.

The frequency should have been 100kHz in the Wo example calculation.  A typo.

The document was updated the next day and the new version is at:


This fixed the typo and fixed a problem with sync and non sync gap and high
break rates.  There is a new variable (Rpri) which is the series resistance
of the primary circuit.  I used this variable because the math behind it is
undeniably valid.  However, it is a hard variable to measure.  Rpri varies
with streamer length and such.  If the system losses are low and Rpri is
low, the dissipation on the caps goes us.  As in the case of running
without a secondary.  However, Rpri goes up as streamers break out reducing
the strain on the caps.  If one assumes Rpri=3 you will not be too far off.
 There is a detail about quenching to but if the system quenches well if
will only serve to cool the caps.  We generally want the worst case
situation however.