Re: Tesla's experiment - lighting wires!

Hi Jeff,
>    I've noticed that platinum gets hot when high
> frequency currents pass 
> through it...
>   In fact I have several "vacuum fulguration
> electrodes" used for spark 
> cautery.  I think the resistance of the wire is why
> it heats up...and if the 
> current is high enough, it will incadesce...?
> ------------

Very high effective currents (at the same time) through human tissues
and any metal (including iron) couldn't be reason.As you probably know
1 A of h.f arm current would very quickly burn innital human tissue in
second or so. 
On the other hand, Tesla in his time couldn't produce controled 100 Mhz
current (to use maybe effects of standing waves in wire he held)...I
think something strange sometimes happens when output secondary arc
hits some materials of usually high conductance.Here in Croatia I saw
man receiving spark from 2 kw coil.He felt some shock ,but prolonged
exposion to arc didn't heat his limbs significantly (of corse he drawn
arc with metal electrode).All I can say is that arc between top
terminal (~1MV) and his body ate most of orginally supplied
energy...Who knows how such quasy plasma influence neighbour objects
...Just thoughts. 
   I've also heard of a lot of experiments with iron
> wire becoming 
> incadescent in high frequency fields...  and also
> noticed that certain 
> metals seem to get warmer than others when you use
> them to draw off sparks 
> from Tesla Coils....(?)
Yes,iron wire (or maybe inductional heating) was first thought that
came up to my mind...However Tesla's words had been:"I have produced
such strong oscillations that while circulating through my arms and
chest they melted wires which joined my hands.."
> As far as tungsten wire...
> I've lit incadescent light bulbs with high frequency
> currents - by placing 
> them in series with a Tesla coil and my own body. 
> This seems to work best 
> with the early vacuum bulbs... and lower-voltage
> higher current coils (One 
> of my Diathermy Machines works well with this
> experiment -- output is around 
> 50,000V, -  gives a HOT 1" spark)
> I've also heard (but never tried it, "wisely" scared
> maybe!) of two people 
> each holding the terminal of a light bulb and one of
> them touching the Tesla 
> Coil terminal, the other ground.  This experiment is
> often mentioned in 
> 1900s medical texts... which doesn't mean by any
> means that it is safe.  I 
> can imagine disasterous results if the spark gap
> misfires, like being fried 
> to a crisp.
Please,tell me more about this experiment.
> < A bit off-subject, but...incidentally...
> One BIG warning about a lot of old experiments in
> books--
> ANYTIME you place your body in circuit with the
> PRIMARY of the Tesla Coil 
> you are putting yourself in grave danger -- with
> certain death being one 
> result if something were to go wrong -
> The d'Arsonval terminals of the old medical machines
> are EXTREMELY dangerous 
> -- and while MANY old doctor's books mention
> experiments with them, they 
> SHOULDN'T be tried!!  Common sense will tell you
> that the human body doesn't 
> belong in any circuit involving the primary of a
> Tesla Coil, espescially 
> being in parallel with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know very well dangers of prim. TC circuit (almost pure condenser
discharge to man,great DC component-horrible shocks)
> Tak, s Bohom!
> Byval som v Pittsburgh, co ja pijem Slivovica v
> Hrvatsky' Klub...
> Slivovica, Slivovica... I'll trade you a Tesla Coil
> secondary for a bottle 
> of Slivovica!
> Slovak som a slovak budem, opit pod stolem spat!
> Jeff Behary, v Amerike, teraz na Floride.
> http://www.lvstrings-dot-com/quack.htm
My regards,

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