Re: MMC Capacitor Power Calculations

Terry, all!

Hey, that was nice, I was just about to ask you, how to calculate RMS

I arrive at 6.97 degrees, with 300 BPS.
I can see now, why it is *bad* to get smaller than standard housed
The standard 22 nF /1600 VDC 376 cap is 27,5 mm leadbase, but mine which
came out of a special cased order for another company, is 22,5 mm
spaced. So otherwise the temp rize could have been only 4,16 degrees,
earning an "excellent" in reliability.

But I don`t think my cap rises that much in real life tesling, will
measure it this weekend.

I don`t worry, couse I think that electrical things that don`t blow up
within the first minute, or so, will probably last forever :-)

Thank you for this great post!

Cheers, Finn

Tesla List skrev:
> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Hi All,
>         I have posted a draft set of formulas and calculations describing
how to
> design MMC caps for various power conditions.  This shows how to calculate
> how hot MMC caps will get given various parameters.  I would like anyone
> interested to check this over and make any suggestions.  The Irms
> calculation and tables may need some adjustment.  I took the data from WIMA
> but they should hold true for most similar types of poly caps.
> www.peakpeak-dot-com/~terryf/tesla/misc/MMCPower.html
> Cheers,
>         Terry
>         terrellf-at-uswest-dot-net