Tungsten combover :-)

Chip, Gary, Reinhard, Malcolm all:

Thanks for setting me straight about the nature of the welding
electrodes. I simply took for granted that they were tungsten _carbide_,
and therefore unmachineable without diamond cutting tools. Didn`t even
bother to try.
However I did now, and with a 32 tooth/inch hacksaw blade was able to
cut a 1/4 inch rod in a couple of minutes.
Apply heavy pressure, slow strokes, about 1/second, and use the full
length of the blade.
The same teknique: high pressure, slow strokes makes it possible to file
these elektrodes quite nicely.
For best resulte grinding is recommended, though.
And I agree, that the spark is the main heater, boy! us guys without a
rotary can say such silly things about it, can`t I?

Cheers, Finn