RE: good capacitors?

Some have claimed that the dielectric in these caps is mylar and next to
worthless for Tesla applications.  I used one in my coil and get 51" sparks
with only moderate heating, and if I parallel a second .01uF cap, no
heating.  You be the judge.  See

A 12/60 is worth fixing, but it's messy and smelly.  You have to melt out
the tar (asphalt) and clean the remains in multiple baths of paint thinner,
and then find the end of the broken secondary connection.  I repotted in
melted Vasoline jelly, others use oil.

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

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			Hi all,
				I was looking around and I found out that
Fair Radio Sales 
		has got these caps availible...
		A high voltage experimenter's dream!  A compact 5"x10"x2.5"

		0.01 MF 100,000 VDC capacitor removed from an exotic
		project which used 100 of these in series!  Nov '83 date
		1"L #12 stud ends,  7 lbs sh.  #KM14-1000-10   
		Are these any good for tesla use? I would add a few homemade
caps to have a 
		reso cap, but these would help out a lot!

		Also, I have a NST so called "one legger" (12/60). I get
about 1/4 without 
		anything attatched at most... I know it's broken, but CAN or
HOW CAN I fix 
		I beleive the person who broke it...<<me>> tightened the
bolts to tight and 
		it slid out of place in the inside. I got impressive sparks
before the 

		Well, I hope I get this back up and running clean.

		Very angry at myself,