Re: Sync motors

turntable motors turn slowly (usually) to keep vibration down.  And, they
aren't very powerful.  But they are synchronous.  I have a drawer full of
these salvaged from old turntables - of course now, it would have been
better if I had kept the turntables, but who can know these things.  I would
recommend that you look for an old disk drive (not from a PC, but from a
mainframe) and use that motor - higher power, synchronous, and cheap (after
all, who wants a 5 meg (or whatever)  disk drive that weighs 50 pounds)
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> Hello;
> I was at a local thrift store the other day, and noticed a old turntable,
> that had a synchronous motor installed. The motor is huge, (approx. 4" x
> 4"), and open framed. I didn't buy this, but am now reconsidering. Is this
> good idea? Would it be better/worse than a teletype motor?  How come I
> haven't seen this kind of motor mentioned here before?
> Gene lambert