RE: What about a cascade?

Chris and other DC'ers,

I do. But you will are not likely to produce other than single (uncascading)
 discharges due to the low rep rate caused by the low rate of Cap charge.
 For the longer cascading dischatges you high enough Cap charge current to
 permit at least 50 bangs/sec maybe 100. So higher voltages and smaller C's
 (to reduce charge time while gaining energy due to Ecap = 1/2 * C * V * V)

Give it a try and Report Results! Use a good size Sec 6" min 8, 10, 12

I love my little dc-dc conveter driven Tesla: 12v at 40 ma input (Yes < 1
 5kV Vout charges my .1uF ruby mica Cap (1.5"x2.5"x.15") in about 2 sec,
 Jensen vacuum switch gap triggered by a short impulse to encourage arc over
 (and discourage contact welding) and results in a reliable 8"-9" power arc
 ground from my 8"x24" Torus (sheet metal elbows)and 6.5"x19" #24 Sec. It
 for easy instrumentation due to active control of each discharge event.

 It's also a kick having a portable powered Tesla to demo's.


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Has anyone ever used a cascade to power a tesla coil before? They seem
like a cheap source of high voltage, being made out of caps and diodes

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