Re: changeing frequency

Hi Mark,

	This brings back memories for me!!  Find a TV high voltage (30kV)
rectifier and put it on the output of the power supply.  Then you will be
able to charge a primary capacitor with it.  The firing rate will probably
be prety low but it really will be pretty neat!!.  I still use my old
ignition coil power supply for single shot work.  If you have two power
supplies just connect them with two rectifiers and they will add their
outputs.  If you have a high voltage low current and a low current high
voltage supply, you CANNOT hook them in series.  the high voltage supply
will not pass the current and the low voltage supply will probably die from
the high voltage.  It just won't work...


At 08:49 PM 1/28/99, you wrote:
>Well, i have now made some small changes to an old power supply of mine. I
>have an old ignition coil that im using now. I am able to change the
>operating frequency of the power suppy from about 100Hz to about 10KHz. Is
>there anything i can do or try with this????????There does seem to be a
>frequency where my power supply is optimal and it wasnt at its previously
>set frequency.
>Also, if i have two of these igniton coils, how can i connect them up to
>the same primary circuit if they separate power supplys????????????????
>And one last question, If one coil delivers a high current and the other
>delivers a high voltage and they are connected to the same primary circuit,
>does that circuit get the best of both worlds ie high currnt and
>voltage???? I  dont think it can!!??