Re: I am confused about mils, mm and microns

Hi David,

A good question...

	1 mil = 0.001 inch
	39.37... mil = 1mm

We don't use the micron for anything here but:

	1u = 1/1000000 meter = 3.937... x 10^-5 inch

So 4 mil poly is 0.004 inch thick.


At 01:05 AM 1/28/99 +1100, you wrote:
>    When poly is referred to as 4 mil does this mean  4 thousanths of an
>inch thick? If this is the case then would not 40 mil poly  be 1 millimeter
>thick (1mm=40 thou) ?? Or when you speak of mil do you mean 100 micron 
>thick poly? Sorry to ask so basic a question but thanks for  helping out.
>Kind regards, David.