Re: salvage

to: Van Ryan

I will be cleaning out a shop storage area in Wisconsin with lots of spare
parts and some partial coil assemblies.  You will need a pickup truck to
haul it all -- sorry, but labor costs prevent shipping, crating, etc.

Will give it away.  Sometime in late May this year in Baraboo, WI,  located
50 miles NW of Madison, WI.

Out website at http://www.ResonanceResearch-dot-com


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> Subject: salvage
> Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 7:06 PM
> Original Poster: "Van Ryan Breuggeman" <ryanb-at-ij-dot-net> 
> If anyone has any spare tesla parts, wire, tools, or other things they
> want, I will be glad if you could send me them. Reply to
> <mailto:ryanb-at-ij-dot-net>ryanb-at-ij-dot-net if you
> want to discuss mailing options.