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Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 10:40 PM
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>> In any case, it is easy to use. What you do need to do though, is to put
>> known load on it and time how long it takes for the disc to turn. It
takes a
>> long time to measure power if you actually use the dial, since it has 1
>> resolution (that means running that 1 kW coil for an hour straight....)
>But there is a Kh factor or some such on most labels, which is related
>to one turn of the disk is one kwh or one turn of the least significant
>digit.  I never remember, and have to keep testing with lightbulb, and
>count turns; to calilbrate mine.

True.. it is in something like turns of the disk to 1 kWh and then, there is
some other multiplier as well... (mine says 12 2/3 , however, it is NOT 12
2/3 turns kWh, more like 12 2/3 turns/ Wh or maybe 12 2/3 turns kWmin or
something)  As I said, easier to hook up a known load and use a stop watch.

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