Re: Transformer Questions

>What would be better, a 9KV-120mA NST, or a 15KV-72mA NST. So what is
>more important, Amps or Volts?

I would have to say a combination of both volts, and amps.
15kv-at-72ma = 1080VA
9kv-at-120ma = 1080VA also.

Since they are the same wattage, I would reommend using the 9kv, as it will
be easier to construct a capacitor for.  (Lower voltage capacitors are
easier to make.)

>What would happen if you did not use a capacitor, while using a rotary
>spark gap and the usual config.

Nothing.  You'd get no output at all.

>Would I be able to wind a choke with some uninsulated 16 gauge wire?
>Do I just have to keep it space apart, is there a equation for these?

Make sure the wires are spaced, or insulated.