Re: Resonance

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> I used my scope and funtion gen. Fed sine wave intp base of coil and
>  hooked scope to other end of coil. I increased frequency until wave form
>  grew in voltage. That I assumed was the resonance point. Is this wrong?
>    Philip
     I sounds like your hookup should work.  Perhaps one of two things
occured(these are only guesses though).  One, you might have hit on a sub-
harmonic of the fundamental frequency.  Why not try going in the range closer
to 375kHz and up to see if you find another point where the amplitude
increases like you did before.  
    Another possibility is that something was too close to your coil(like your
body) and adding capacitance to the coil somehow.  I noticed this would detune
my coil when doing a similar measurement.  I think the first possi