Re: Magnet Wire

Hi Max, all

You wrote:
    "I'm looking for some surplus (cheap) magnet wire to wind a 9.5" diameter
 coil form. Does anybody know where I can buy some? I need about 12Lbs of 18
My one stop place for magnet wire is a local motor/transformer rewinding shop.
I paid ~$23 for 10 lbs of AWG "19.5" (metric conversion). 
You might want to give this a try (in your area). 

The advantages:

a.) You only pay for the wire amount you really need. No useless bits and
pieces left over.

b.) These guys buy wire in large amounts. If you are friendly they will pass
their savings on to you.

c.) They stock just about any size wire (no hunting around for different wire
sizes for different coils).

Coiler greets from germany,