Re: Re: Resonance

> I used my scope and funtion gen. Fed sine wave intp base of coil and
> hooked scope to other end of coil. I increased frequency until wave form
> grew in voltage. That I assumed was the resonance point. Is this wrong?

Yes - first, the scope probe loads up the coil, and then the probe also has
some capacitance, both of which make the coil resonate at a different
frequency than the "free" resonance. I know, I did the same mistake earlier.
I measured 190 kHz by connecting the probe to the top of the coil. Now, by
measuring the frequency, with me as the antenna, touching the tip of the
standing about a meter away from the coil, it was 305 kHz. It's such a big
difference... (FYI - 10.7 cm dia. by 40.5 cm length, wound with 0.315mm wire).