Re: Re: Resonance


Aha!!!  Now we can understand the lower than expected frequency! 
Basically, your scope and test lead became a "virtual torroid" topload with
10-20 pf of capacitance which dropped the resonant frequency just like a
real torroid would.

Try running your function gen through a few hundred ohm resistor to the
base of your secondary, and hook your scope probe to the base of the coil. 
Your secondary will need to be vertical and away from all metallic stuff,
just as if it was operating.


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> Subject: Re: Re: Resonance
> Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 12:13 AM
> Original Poster: Philip <shadow42-at-totcon-dot-com> 
> I used my scope and funtion gen. Fed sine wave intp base of coil and
> hooked scope to other end of coil. I increased frequency until wave form
> grew in voltage. That I assumed was the resonance point. Is this wrong?
>   Philip