Telsa museum closed

Well folks,
    It is now official.  A news article in the Denver Post reports that the
International Tesla Society, which operated the Tesla Museum of Science and
Industry in Colorado Springs, is no longer.  
    It comes as no real surprise since the organization seemed to spend more
$$ on the annual weird science conventions than on the museum upkeep and
obligations.  I have been a member of the ITS for several years as a way to
donate to the museum, but have been quite dissappointed in the lack of
interest by the people who were running the show.  The museum was not more
than a hole in the wall.  I was hoping that it would improve over the years,
but never did.
     Maybe I can buy their display coil (Big Bertha, I believe they called it)
for cheap, due to the liquidation of assests :o).  I will have to check into
this.  Might be good for a few other items as well.