Re: RF filtering resistors

Yep.. wirewound resistors do posess an amount of inductance, this causes 
much trouble in certain types of ccts thus cannot use them for 
those...In your case the inductance of the res will perhaps contribute 
to the system's desired effect, but it will probably not be high and it 
is normal not to take this into account unless a minimum of inductance 
needs to be aachieved as in rf ccts - it would be best to calculate and 
build the req'd inductance as a separate component.


>Original Poster: dferguso-at-ebmail.gdeb-dot-com 
>i'm planning on using an air core choke / resistor setup as part of my 
>filtering circuit, but when i went to purchase
>the resistor ( 500 ohm 50 watt) i noticed that it was coil wound like 
>inductive coil ( it had 100 to 200 turns or so , pretty much closely 
>on about a 5/8 inch diameter ceramic tube about 4 inches long. can i
>calculate the inductance of this and
>use this value as part of the filtering capability, or is the standard 
>"ignore" this intrinsic value of the resistor
>and use a separate choke to provide the necessary inductance? - thanks 
>any advice, doug

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