Re: synchronous motor

To Matthew,

I manufacture salient-pole synchronus motors at both 1,800
and 3,600 r.p.m.  You may contact me off the List, for further

Best Regards,

Bill Wysock.

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> Subject:       synchronous motor
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> Original Poster: Matthew Wenger <m-wenger-at-uiuc.edu> 
> Hello Everyone,
>         I got my hands on a welder transformer with a movable core and
> figured out how to use it to current limit!  The best part is that I got
> it for free.  (Granted, it was really old and rusty, but it works!) I'm
> now working on designing my spark gap.  I am having a really tough time
> finding a synchronous motor.  I was wondering if anyone has any
> information on where I can get a 3600 RPM synchronous 120V or 220V
> (preferably 220V) motor. (Phone numbers, part numbers would be helpful!)
> If I can purchase one through anyone on this list I'd be willing to do
> that too.  Thanks for your help!
> Matthew Wenger
> m-wenger-at-uiuc.edu
Tesla Technology Research