Re: RF filtering resistors

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tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

> can i
>  calculate the inductance of this and
>  use this value as part of the filtering capability, or is the standard to
>  "ignore" this intrinsic value of the resistor
>  and use a separate choke to provide the necessary inductance? - thanks for
>  any advice, doug

This will add to the inductance of your choke if placed in series with it.  I
don't know if it will be too significant or not(haven't calculated it).   The
actual value of  the inductance is somewhat arbitrary anyway.  I wouldn't
worry too much about it.
   I would suggest you consider Terry's RCR filter circuit.  It seems to offer
better protection for neons than RF chokes, based on the results of his
experiments.  I killed two neons using chokes, but so far have had great
results using the RCR filter circuit.

<<<< be sure to use safety gaps across the neon too! - Terry>>>