TVI, no cure ?

Hi all, I've been following th snow on telly mails for some time.  My input
to the thing is that it cannot really be cured as such,  The sparks them
selves emit noise way up in the RF spectrum , way up inthe 100M range.  Even
thought the coil is running at 200Khz or whatever.

Well would it not be a idea to use a low voltage high current pri cct ? this
would thus emiminate the need for the spark gap for one reason, as there is
a lot of current being shorted across the gap it makes sence to get rid of
this for a start.

There will still be ( of course ) noise from the sec itself, but if you are
runnin gin free air ( not grounding the sparks ) then the FRI will be a lot
smaller,  does anyone know if the pri or the sec sparks are casuing the most

I know that my pri current does only mess up radios and Tv's, but when the
main sec current hits a ground it sets off all kinds of alarms in our house
and the TV flashes colours as well as the snow.  running the pri alone still
casuses RFI on the TV, and radios, so I think we need to think about that
for a start.  MU shealding seams to be the only way appart from using a
bipoler coil.

Has anyone on the list ran a DC coil ( no spark caps ) and got RFI on the
TV, with or without the sparks hitting a ground ??  I would be very
interesed if you can tell me what the RFI is like from the sec alone ?

thanks ppl !


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