A quick grounding question. Where should the grounds be connected? I have
two available grounds, RF and utility. Should all grounding be to the RF
ground or should something be on the utility? 

Neon transformers and saftey gaps have grounds in the primary, and the
secondary coil has one. I know the secondary should be on the RF ground,
what about the primary circuit? 

Logic tells me the RF ground is best, but is seems like that would provide
a path to connect the primary and secondary together when the saftey gaps
fire. A second ground rod could provide extra isolation between primary
and secondary... 

How do those doing shows and demos at schools handle the problem? A good
RF ground is hard to find in those situations. 

Or am I not thinking clearly? 

The recent postings regarding the death of a child on a TC have provided
extra motivation to bring up my saftey levels (never can be too carefull). 
I want to make sure I'm not putting HV in the wrong places with my coil.