Re: Tesla Coil Operation - was "Harmonics"

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>Using a mechanical analogy
>to show how a Tesla coil works is a matter of how much you want to overlook
>in making the comparison. For example the Tesla coil utilizes induction
>which can not be simulated mechanically.

I say it can...

>  The mechanical analogy of the spring/damper/weight for the CRL circuit is
>an accurate one. However, this represents only the primary circuit or the
>secondary circuit but not both together.

I say they both can, according to what I've studied...

> The inductance is represented by
>the mass of the weight. This system is described by a 2nd order differential
>equation which can be easily implemented on a spreadsheet.
>  The mechanical analogy of using pendulums to represenr a Tesla coil is not
>an accurate one because the pendulums are physically connected while the pri
>and sec TC coils are not physically connected to transfer the energy.

I call a magnetic field "physical". What else is it? Spiritual? :-)
I know you mean mechanical, not physical. The same electromagnetic force
that induces currents in inductors, holds atoms together, and keeps them

> This
>is important because the transfer is affected by the mutual inductance and

A mutualy inductive circuit is commonly simulated or modeled with a series
coupling inductance, the value of which is depends on K. So you can then
transform that to a direct mechanicaly analog circuit.

> These systems are described by 4th order differential

I think so.