Re: A Tragedy


This IS traggic!  It's been said before "DONT' DRINK AND SPARK"!!!!  Accidents
happen even with the safest designs and adding alcohol to equation is
NUTS!!!  I like my beer too, but not before or during a spark night.  This
will remain stained in my mind.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twf-at-verinet-dot-com>
> Hi All,
>         Roger Drosd learned of a very tragic event.  A young child in
Oregon was
> killed by the electrical wiring of a Tesla coil.  Roger kindly collected
> more facts and details (which I wanted to insure were correct) but there is
> no doubt what happened.  The article from the  1/16/1999 "Oregonian"
> explains the details.
> http://www.oregonlive-dot-com/news/99/01/st011604.html
>         Terry