Re: Primary Coil (and cap?) INSIDE Secondary Coil

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>Original Poster: Bryan Work <bryan-at-apexrad-dot-com> 
>OK, now the gauntlet has been thrown down . . . the challenge is stated:
>Can a cap be made to be a primary inductor?
>Option 1:
>How about a filiary (wire) cap with the two connectors on opposite ends?
>wrap the cap wire helically, Could you generate enough current in the two
>during the cap charging/discharging to create a decent B field? Yes, if the
wires discharge in phase. The current should be the same as for an
equivalent f cap and length inductor, should it not?

I see two concentric insulated wire rings,
 a gap breaking the circumference of both,
 in between the rings a dielectric. 

The larger broken ring's charge is positive, the smaller radii ring is
negative. A spark must jump criss-crossing the circumference gap, to
oppositely charged wires, a helical current flows through the wires. And
also as a magnetic bonus, the dipoles in the dielectric rotate (displacement
current) creating a net contributing magnetic moment :-)