Re: to quench or not too quench!

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<< Hello again.
> I have made some big changes to my small coil now by adding 
>more turns to the secondary and re tunning etc and im gettin
>much better results >from this small power supply! But, i was
> just wondering what the diffrence is
> betweeen a quenched and non-quenched spark gap. What is 
>the advantage of a quenched spaek gap?


All spark gaps quench if they're working correctly, but a so-called
quench gap is a type that has numerous metal disks, with insulated
washers between them, leaving an sealed air space between the 
metal discs.  After the initial run, the oxygen will be used up, leaving
a mostly nitrogen atmosphere in the sealed spaces, which cuts down
or burning effects within the gaps.  This type of gap runs quiet, and
quenches well, but usually is only able to handle a low power.  At
high powers it will overheat unless it's large, and well built, etc.  These
gaps need occasional maintenance.  Coilers rarely use these types
of spark gaps.

I'm glad to hear you've improved your coil.

John Freau