Re: Opinions on hv and lv proximity sought

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>It's best to place your HV xmfr and all its filters in a separate
>box.  One reason is for safety, and the second, for a reasonable
>weight.  Most NST's are heavy and if you cram them into the control
>console with the heavy variac the whole setup gets rather heavy to
>move around. Hernias are less desireable as you grow older. 


I use two transformers, about 35-40 lbs. each. Bolted them together,
placed them in a plastic toolbox, and added around 13-14 pints of
mineral oil. Definitely heavy, so I built a small platform with
casters on the bottom. I didn't plan on building a filter circuit when
the transformer cart was built, so there is no room to place them
there. And they are only about 3' away in the control console.

The control box has casters also, but it is starting to get top heavy.
May have to bolt the two boxes together.

Alan Jones
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