A Tragedy

Hi All,

	Roger Drosd learned of a very tragic event.  A young child in Oregon was
killed by the electrical wiring of a Tesla coil.  Roger kindly collected
more facts and details (which I wanted to insure were correct) but there is
no doubt what happened.  The article from the  1/16/1999 "Oregonian"
explains the details.




Sorry, I forgot to include the particulars.  The article appeared in the
Oregonian, 1/16/99.  "Man Pleads Guilty in Son's Death" The child was
killed when
he passed through a safety barrier of some sort and contacted his father's
coil.  Apparently, the coil was crudely built, and had been left "plugged
in".  It
was actually the faulty extension cord, not the coil itself that
electrocuted the
child. The father was passed out drunk at the time. The man pled guilty to the
charges.  The point was simply that we should all be careful.  Thank you
for your
editorial concern.  Keep up the good work.  (Here's a link to the original
article.)   http://www.oregonlive-dot-com/news/99/01/st011604.html

Terry Fritz wrote:

> Hi Roger,
>   Perhaps the child was
> electrocuted by a Tesla Coil, however???  If so, you may want to dig up
> more information and exactly when and where the article appeared.  ...
> >
> >Roger Drosd
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