Re: TVI (was snow on telly results)

Hi Dale,

I remember this post but actually thought it was one of those "you US coilers
got it so easy" statements. Actually my TC *DOES* cause quite a lot of RFI
andinterferes with more than just TV frequencies (I assume TVI means
interference). I have 3 TV's in the house and they all go nuts. My wife and
do get annoyed with me at times. I'm sure my neighbors do too. The neighbors
that know of my TC tolerate me. The ones that don't are probably beating on
their TV's trying to get them to work right. I try not to run too often and do
it infrequently (kind of that Tesla Coil underground technique). I've never
anyone complain yet. Also, running in the winter in MN is not possible
since my
truck takes over the garage so I only annoy people 8 months out of the year.

Your not alone,

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Dale, Martin" <martin.dale-at-ntu.ac.uk>
> Hi all on the list,
>                       I had no response to the question below.
> It was intended as a serious question on a serious issue.
> I hope no-one took offense to it.  In the absence of any info from US
> coilers (or any other countries), I am still wondering why we seem to get so
> many TVI problems from coiling here in the UK, that US coilers dont seem to
> suffer.
> I know of at least 4 guys local to me who had to give up because of TVI, so
> it may also be the reason why there are so few coilers in the UK!
> I hope this is not a "taboo" subject on the list.
> Any thoughts anybody has on the subject would be very much appreciated.
>        Best wishes to all coilers,   Martin Dale   TCBON
> >As to why our American friends seem to get away without major TVI >problems
> >I'm not sure.
> >More space between houses maybe., cable TV., lower TV channel >frequencies?
> >Whatever it is, there sure 'aint any difference between UK RF and good old
> >American RF!
> >Any of you guys over there prepared to comment (please)?
> >Best regards everyone,    Martin Dale,  TCBON   (also G6ABU!)